Looking Forward

As you are all no doubt aware another year has been and gone (sorry if that’s news to you but it happened, it really did).

I feel like the year whizzed by and it was only yesterday that we were welcoming 2013 in the middle of nowhere New South Wales, sharing a horn toot with a truckie heading the other direction.

Looking back though a lot has happened between then and now. Among other things, there’s been a new job, short holidays to Apollo Bay, the Gold Coast and Sydney (in fact I snuck back up to the Coast on my own late in the year too), fancy dinners out (not something we’ve ever done before) and the start of The Sparky’s new business.

I am happy to say that I am in a much better position in regards to both my physical and mental health. Despite coming with its own set of new problems, the new job has had a lot to do with this, mainly because I have actually had the time to deal with things instead of constantly just getting by.

Sitting here, at the start of another new year, I am looking forward to building on the new good habits that I have developed over the past year, continuing to improve my health and wellbeing, living this life we have to the absolute fullest of its potential and … maybe, just maybe … actually sharing it with you this year.


9 thoughts on “Looking Forward

    • Yes, a clear head makes such a big difference! It’s nice to finally be able to look at the pile (mountain) of ‘ifs, buts and maybes’ in front of me and be excited about it instead of scared 🙂

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