Fully Automatic

Late last year, in the lead up to my birthday, The Sparky and I had a large number of conversations about cameras. SLR, DSLR, compact, interchangeable lens’, price range, image size, capacity … so many things to consider!

I have had an interest in photography for a long time but have never really made an effort to do anything about it. For some reason I felt that a shiny new camera was necessary for me to make a change. In the end though I came to the conclusion that there is in fact nothing wrong with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ30 sitting in a draw in the study. Yes, it’s seen quite a few years now but at the time we bought it it was just about the best thing you could get (in its price range, that wasn’t an SLR).

So, this year I’m going to read the manual, play around and slowly (possibly very slowly) learn how to make the most of what I’ve got and become a better photographer.

Starting myself off easy, January will be ‘fully automatic’ month. I need to get into the habit of having the camera handy and being willing to pull it out whenever I have one of those ‘I could photograph that’ moments. I have already discovered that I can’t change the flash settings so, yes, the basics will definitely need to be re-learnt before I move on.

Yesterday, immediately after the battery was finished, a very hot and bothered Samson provided me with a great opportunity to get started.



4 thoughts on “Fully Automatic

  1. That photo is perfect!!
    I have been missing my camera lately. Was so busy at the end of last year that I didn’t have time to use it, and now it’s all just about the convenience of using my phone.
    Have fun with it!

    • The poor thing did not cope with the heat at all. It did however mean that for once, even with me lying on the floor in front of him, he stayed still for a photo!

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