You know that feeling when everything starts to blend into each other? When life becomes a blur of work, home, weekend, start again and everything starts to look a little beige? I was starting to feel weighed down by that feeling a short while ago but then I stepped back a little and looked at what I’ve been doing lately …

Weekend One

The Sparky decided to clean up and clean out in the shed and garage


because we needed to make room for The Beast


Rather tight fit and as it turns out she hasn’t been back in there since (and probably won’t fit now that she has roof racks as well).

While he was busy outside I decided to attack the inside and, among other things, finally managed to turn this


and this


back into this


with a little help, of course.


A rather practical weekend but it was nice to get to the end of it and feel like something had really been achieved.

Weekend Two

The following weekend we headed out on Friday night to the Zoo to see Something for Kate perform as part of the Zoo Twilights concert series.


It was, as always, a fabulously busy, fun evening.


And then Saturday evening we went out with a couple friends to a delightful restaurant, O.My.


Seven delicious courses, O.My indeed!

Weekend Three

The next weekend we took The Beast on her very first adventure. Although she is new to us she is actually about ten years old but had in fact never been used for her true purpose … we changed all that pretty quickly!


P1060077 P1060070 P1060080 P1060083 P1060085 P1060100 P1060095 P1060119

Turns out life’s not so beige after all 🙂


8 thoughts on “Weekending

    • She hasn’t had much of a chance in the mud yet, although with winter fast approaching I suspect she’ll get her chance to shine soon enough.

      Pip was ridiculously cute that day, and still comes running whenever she hears me open one of those boxes … she gets obsessed with the weirdest things!

  1. A 4WD must be used in it’s intended environment! Good on you for getting it out there and dirty! Love the photos, beautiful scenery. Life definitely feels beige when we forget to stop every now and again and soak it in. That’s one thing that Photo a Day was great for….made me stop and see things. But, I don’t have time for P.A.D. these days so I’ve had to just try and remind myself to slow down. It’s a hard act to balance. Have a good weekend, this one!

    • Absolutely, I do not see the point in owning such a big car just to tootle around town in 🙂
      This weekend will be mostly spent studying (more on that soon I hope) so not necessarily great but a part of a bigger, colourful picture

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