Fraser Island – The Wildlife

 An early morning blue tongue lizard.


A calmly friendly kookaburra (the only bird still enough to be photographed the whole trip!).


A very helpful braille snake …


… and a real one.


Despite all of the warnings, we only saw one dingo …


… a rather lively young pup.


Ooops, lied about the birds, these guys were pretty still for us too.


Can we pause for a moment and reflect on how awesome it is that I captured a dragonfly on the move?!


A lake full of turtles …


… no really, I promise …


… see 🙂


Our friendly breakfast companion.


(Don’t tell The Sparky I told you this but he actually yelled out loud the first day we saw this guy … almost dropped all of the clean breakky dishes too!)


And whales …


but more on that later …


10 thoughts on “Fraser Island – The Wildlife

    • He was just delightful and still skitting around when we drove back past about 2 hours later … soaking wet by that stage so presumably had been running in the small waves too.

    • It’s definitely a beautiful, diverse part of the country Leaf, I would highly recommend it if you can … there are a lot of tour options even if 4WD-ing isn’t your thing.

  1. oh my goodness that snake. it looks like it could eat me for breakfast. i’ve told myself i’m going to overcome this irrational fear but then i see things like this and i feel my pulse quicken and my veins feel all hot, and i feel a bit like passing out. so damn irrational!

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