Fraser Island – the camping

and so, we (finally) continue …


no easy lake access

The Sparky and I spent a lot of time pouring over our 4wd maps of Fraser Island, planning and plotting so that we could see the most of the Island and drive the main adventure roads without wasting too much time doubling up or backtracking.


fluorescent funghi

The most obvious way to avoid too much unnecessary driving was to pick two camp sites, one nearer the Southern end of the Island and one closer to the top.


not the best view, but who’s complaining

To cut a long (and slightly boring) story short, we decided on Lake Boomanjin for the first two nights. If you click on the link above you will see what to me is a very important little symbol, three across.


such calming scenery

Yes, the small c means the showers will be cold but showers there will be … or so I was promised. Sadly when we arrived we found the shower doors locked with signs stating that due to low water levels the showers had been disconnected!


not the prettiest of lakes, but still …

I soldiered on however and survived with bird baths for two days but between that and the comparatively sad view, I would not jump at camping here again … although if solitude is your thing (and we’re not adverse to it ourselves), this was certainly the place and time of year for it.


inside the fenced camping area with all our friends

Our second stop was the much more established (and therefore busier) Dundubara Campground. By the time we arrived here it had been close to three days since either of us had had a proper shower and so we were pretty keen to get into one, keen enough that the lack of $1 coin did not put us off … if a cold shower was all we could get then a cold shower it would be.


take 2 … a beautiful location

Of course, that’s not what we got because the showers would not work at all without money in the box!! Thankfully, despite the fact that it was mid-afternoon, we found a generous fellow camper who was willing to swap some of his valuable coins for the one small note we had to hand. I know I appreciate a shower after a night or two camping in the High Country around home, but after a couple of days in the Queensland sun it was absolutely divine.


facing West

This campsite I would highly recommend, although I imagine during peak season it could actually get quite busy. It was protected, clean, had lovely facilities (bearing in mind that this is a State run park, not a 5-star hotel) and had a walking track that linked directly to a massive sand blow that we were lucky enough to catch right on sunset.


facing East

So yes, if you’re ever in this part of Australia, I would highly recommend staying for a few nights … just be sure to have some $1 coins in hand when you do 🙂


8 thoughts on “Fraser Island – the camping

    • Camping is pretty awesome, especially when you get to experience some of the more remote parts of the country like this 🙂 There’s definitely a level of organisation required though to make it an enjoyable experience and not a boring, uncomfortable one!

    • It absolutely does Lorraine. A day or two is not too bad, particularly when you’re anticipating it, but anymore than that is no pleasant (for anyone!).

    • With the right set up it is a fantastic experience Daisy, and you get to see so much of this lovely country that is otherwise unreachable.

  1. wow! ^^all these people who have never been camping! Is it a less common thing in your part of the world? I’m guessing with the crazy heat and poisonous critters it may be a bit less appealing. beautiful place.

  2. Nope, there’s plenty of camping and campers in Australia … it is indeed a beautiful place (and sadly not a hint of crazy heat this particular holiday) 🙂

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