Saturday started reasonably early, we had received no breakfast hamper the night before because the restaurant and pub at the Blue Duck Inn were closed when we got back … at 9:30 on a Friday night … the pub …

We were hoping to find the back road through to Dinner Plain open, however it was unfortunately still to early in the warm season for that to have happened. This meant a nice, but long, drive through to Mitta Mitta before we found anywhere serving food. Hurricane Ruby was subsequently very confused as she and her parents had pie for breakfast while The Sparky and I waited an inordinately long time for our croissant and toastie to be made. I am however happy to report that the coffee was again better than expected (no, we are not addicted, why do you ask?).

Being in no particular rush we then deviated from our path and headed up to the Dartmouth Dam. The Sparky’s brother, who will need a nick name shortly, worked with an engineer who had been involved in the construction of the Dam and so had a particular interest in it.

This is where the ‘torn’ comes into the picture – on one hand this is a stunning feat of human engineering …

… on another, the scar it left behind almost brought tears to my eyes …


… and on a third, it was a beautiful piece of countryside …

… with a stunning, hard-to-capture-the-enormity-of-it, view.

I know that these constructions are necessary, I know that the farmers who benefit from it are the same farmers who feed us, I know the hydro power generated is better than alternatives, but BUT that scarring has been there for over 30 years, that land is not going to recover … and I just don’t know how I feel about that.

Moving on.

From the Dam we took ourselves off on another cross-country expedition where, despite the heat, we saw snow.


Very small amounts of snow admittedly but enough to excite us.

A further couple of hours back on ‘normal’ roads saw us arrive at Beechworth early enough to have a wander around before cleaning up for dinner at The Stanley Pub.

A beautiful, busy little place with very good food (although apparently not quite what it was under the old management and chef). Much of what was on the menu read as too large and heavy for me that night so I opted for the ‘chargrilled herb infused polenta with roasted balsamic cherry tomatoes and a Danish feta and rocket salad’ – long name, perfectly delicious meal! Despite our constant desire to keep trying something and somewhere new, The Sparky and I will be back next time we find ourselves in the area.

Our Sunday in Beechworth was lovely, but un-photographed. We breakfasted at Blynzz where, dare I say it again, we had brilliant coffee and lovely food, wandered the streets perusing shops and then made our way home.

It was, despite its faults, a wonderful, forget-about-the-world, relaxing, long weekend that we hope to repeat again soon.


3 thoughts on “Torn

  1. I know what you mean about the dam. I’m a little surprised they didn’t do any remediation of the soil/exposed rock immediately adjacent to the water, at least for the sake of erosion and water quality.

    Some of the smaller dams around here near the coast (that aren’t really useful any more) are being removed due to pressure from the public to help restore Atlantic salmon populations, which I think is terrific. Hopefully the populations can bounce back a bit.

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