Our day in Hue

The Tomb of Emperor Tu Duc

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The Royal Palace


Thien Mu Pagoda



6 thoughts on “Our day in Hue

    • Ahhhh, I could write an essay on what I thought of Hue if I had the time, Lorraine. The Tomb of Emperor Tu Duc in particular really highlighted how little value the powers that be have placed on Vietnam’s historical locations. It had such potential to be beautiful but was surprisingly dilapidated for its age. There are signs that this is changing and for the most part I’m glad we got to see so much before it gets too touristy, but at the same time I’m glad that there appears to be a sense of national pride growing in the country.

    • There was beauty in it and sadness too Emma – it really wasn’t old enough to justify how it looked, the dilapidation came from neglect not age unfortunately.

    • Yes, some of it was of unbelievable scale and wonderfully intricate. The hints that you get leave you believing that it would all have been stunning in its prime.

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